Weekly Updates

The Weekly Update—formerly known as the “Wednesday Envelope”—is PAC’s method for sending home information on school-related events, activities and student-related health and enrichment opportunities.

Since 2007 JBBP has made steady efforts to move more and more towards responsible, digital communication. For years families have had the option to receive their communication exclusively through e-mail. And as this interest has grown, so has our awareness of the wasted paper and labor our old system required. By moving exclusively to a digital distribution, JBBP has eliminated the $5000 spent annually in paper and copy fees, not to mention the innumerable man hours in collating efforts.

Every family in our JBBP community with an e-mail address is part of the e-distribution system. And the PAC Corresponding Secretary and Communication Team will happily make arrangements with families without access to e-mail or who may require hard copy fliers for other reasons. Please contact us at WeeklyUpdate@clarendonjbbp.org or through your classroom teachers and classroom coordinators.

Additionally, should you wish to remove yourself from this e-mail list, please contact us at WeeklyUpdate@clarendonjbbp.org. While we are able to remove individuals upon their request, we strongly encourage at least one family member to remain on the distribution list. We will work with you and your family to find the right balance.

Thank you for your support of our online communication system.