• Looking for K-1 Computer Teaching Consultant

    Interested in working with our youngest students? Clarendon is hiring!

    Clarendon JBBP and Second Community together are looking for someone who can help develop computer literacy for our K-1 students. Candidate will work closely with classroom teachers, but independently deliver the enrichment classes in Clarendon's computer lab. More here: http://parents.clarendonjbbp.org/?q=hiring

  • Consultant Night: Thursday, March 10th

    Join us this Thursday, March 10, for our Annual Consultant Night--a chance to meet the people leading our parent-funded Art (Ellen), PE (Marc) and Computer (Lee) curriculum. We'll get started at 6:30pm in the school cafeteria; the PAC General Meeting will begin at 7:15 in Room 203.

  • PAC General Meeting: Thursday, February 11th

    Join us Thursday, February 11th at 6:30pm in Room 203 for our PAC General Meeting. This is your forum for starting, stopping or improving programs and experiences within our program. Come and participate in the decision making that shapes the Clarendon JBBP experience. We will have a special presentation on the history of JBBP.